Cabrillo Foramt

Below is the example of a Cabrillo template and log file that was converted to Cabrillo. You final log should look like this when submitted.
  1. All times are UTC
  2. ARRL-SECTION: tag (or v3.0 LOCATION: tag) is used to identify DE stations in log checking software. ie: ARRL-SECTION: DE or LOCATION: DE. 
    1. All non-DE can be ARRL-SECTION: EPA, LOCATION: PA, LOCATION: DX etc.
  3. Band can be the actual radio frequency ex: 14235 or band identifiers ex:14000.
  4. Valid modes in Cabrillo are CW, PH and RY. All non-CW digital modes are RY in Cabrillo.
  5. Cabrillo log filenames are urCall.log or urCall.cbr - where urCall is your callsign.